Fado i Nord - Festival CD med António Zambujo


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Fadofestivalen 10.-12. (13.) februar 2011


Billettsalet for Fadofestivalen 2011 er i gang. Denne gongen vert det avvikla 5 arrangement i Ulsteinvik.

I den oppsøkjande delen av Fadofestivalen 2011 skal vi besøke Valldal, i Norddal kommune, søndag den 13. februar.

Vi er glad for at Portugal si leiande songstemme , Antònio Zambujo, kjem attende for tredje gong. No med nokre nye musikarar og mykje ny musikk frå si siste plate "Guia".

I alt 7 musikarar er venta til festivalen.

Kva er Fado?


Fado (translated as destiny or fate) is a music genre which can be traced from the 1820s in Portugal, but probably with much earlier origins. In popular belief, Fado is a form of music characterized by mournful tunes and lyrics, often about the sea or the life of the poor. However, in reality Fado is simply a form of song which can be about anything, but must follow a certain structure.

The music is usually linked to the Portuguese word saudade (that has no match in English but it could be understood as nostalgia felt while missing someone), a word describing a sentiment. Another similar English translation can be to pine for something or someone.

Some enthusiasts claim that Fado's origins are a mixture of African slave rhythms with the traditional music of Portuguese sailors and Arabic influence.

There are two main varieties of Fado, namely those of the cities of Lisbon and Coimbra. The Lisbon style is the most popular, while Coimbra's is the more refined style. Modern fado is popular in Portugal, and has produced many renowned musicians. According to tradition, to applaud fado in Lisbon you clap your hands.

Mainstream fado performances during the 20th century included only a singer, a Portuguese guitar player and a classical guitar player but more recent settings range from singer and string quartet to full orchestra.

Cape-Verdean morna is a close relative of fado.

Wikipedia. (Klikk på teksten for å gå til kjelda)


Høyr musikken til Antonio

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Hør på platene ved å klikke på bilete.
<p>Hør på platene ved å klikke på bilete.</p>

Songlines Magazine utropar "Outro Sentido" til "Top of The World Album"


Antonio Zambujoís been considered a household name in the new fado movement since he joined the cast of the musical Am·lia in 2000 (a production, unsurprisingly, about the life of Am·lia Rodrigues). But while he is an accomplished fadista who has deservedly earned prestigious fado-related awards in Portugal, Zambujo has always shown a variety of other influences, predominantly the male singing style of his native Alentejo region ñ cante, a legacy of southern Portugalís Arabic origins. And Zambujoís third release, Outro Sentido, clearly proves that there is more to his style than fado, as it successfully blends the genre with cante, jazz, bossa nova and traditional music ñ an exercise reminiscent of the singer-songwriters that proliferated in Portugal around the time of the revolution. 
The singer surrounded himself with a competent team that includes long-term collaborator Ricardo Cruz, the bass player who has been doubling up as producer since Zambujoís first album. With a background in jazz, Cruz has been involved in the fado scene for years and his input in Outro Sentido cannot be overestimated. Unorthodox renditions of fado classics such as ëFoi Deusí and ëAmor de Mel, Amor de Felí coexist comfortably with beautiful versions of Brazilian songs like ëQuando Tu Passas Por Mimí, ëL·bios Que Beijeií and the Azorian ëChamateiaí, featuring a Bulgarian choir. The end result is a consistent work with a very particular and identifiable style. Outro Sentido is AntÛnio Zambujoís coming of age as a great singer. The highlights on this CD are just too many to mention: it is one not to be missed.
Isabel de Lucena

LIRA Gillar (Sverige): Best Fado Album 2008


Fado med ovanliga influenser. Kan man göra fado med influenser från bulgarisk körtradition? Ja, det kan man. Det bevisar António Zambujo med sitt tredje album, Outro Sentido. Han gör inte bara det, han lånar också in från brasiliansk populärmusik och jazz. Tillsammans med eliten av Lissabons fado-musiker, inte minst José Manuel Neto på portugisisk gitarr och Carlos Manuel Proença på akustisk gitarr, gör han en vacker och överraskande fado-platta. Mycket på skivan är hämtat ur det klassiska fado-arvet. Här finns pärlor ur Amália Rodrigues repertoar, som Amor de mel, amor de fel och Foi Deus vilken sjungs a cappella i början. När sedan en kontrabas ansluter uppstår stor skönhet i en djärv tolkning. Många har känt sig kallade att sjunga just Foi Deus. Zambujo gör definitivt den finaste tolkningen hittills. När kören Vozes Búlgaras Angelite gör entré i Chamateia uppstår en korsbefruktning av slaviskt och lucitanskt, på ett mycket övertygande sätt. Jag måste säga att Zambujo gjort årets hittills bästa fado-skiva.

Thomas Nydahl 

António Zambujo

Fado stjerna Antonio Zambujo vert hovudattraksjon under Fado Festivalen med fleire opptredenar.
<p>Fado stjerna Antonio Zambujo vert hovudattraksjon under Fado Festivalen med fleire opptredenar.</p> <p> </p>

António Zambujo was born in Beja, Alentejo (South of Portugal) in 1975. He grew up listening to the traditional male chant called ‘Cante Alentejano’ that became one of his strongest influences.
Around the age of 8, Zambujo started studying clarinet but soon he fell in love with Fado when listening to Amália Rodrigues, Alfredo Marceneiro, Maria Teresa de Noronha and João Ferreira Rosa. And it was singing, when he was 16 years old, that he won a regional Fado contest.
His professional carreer started when Mário Pacheco, the renowned Portuguese guitarist and composer, invited him to sing in his Clube de Fado, in Lisbon. Not for a long time though… After an audition, António was chosen to take the role of Francisco da Cruz, Amalia’s first husband, in the blockbuster Musical ‘Amália’. He performed continuously during 4 years in Lisbon and after that he toured all around Portugal achieving enormous success. ‘It was a unique experience that taught me the stage «feeling» plus the strict working discipline of a theatre company’.
In 2002 his first record ‘O mesmo Fado’ was released. Though you can find in it, as in all Zambujo’s records, some influences of ´Cante Alentejano’, the record achieved great recognition in the “Fado world’. Several songs were chosen to be part of major Fado anthologies and António Zambujo won the prestigious ‘Radio Nova FM’ prize for the ‘Best new Fado voice’ that was previously addressed to Mariza, Camané and Mafalda Arnauth.
The 2004’s ‘Por meu cante’ gave us some clues about Zambujo’s future artistic path. His homeland influences were clearer, the merge between ‘Cante Alentejano’ and Fado was always present and, though it happened to be somehow controversial, no impeachment was called. António Zambujo won the Amália Rodrigues Foundation’s prize for the Best Fado Male Singer.
2007 is a significant year in Zambujo’s career. His third record ‘Outro sentido’ is a statement from a mature artist that has found his own particular way. Also the remarkable Lisbon’s festival closing concert and the duet with Luís Represas, a top pop singer, have shown that Zambujo and his music are really difficult to label.

Fadofestivalen`11 Team:

Det står eit stort apparat bak kvar festival. Vi treng difor gjerne friviljuge medarbeidarar.


António Zambujo, fadosongar

Isabel Roseta, fadosongar

Bernardo Couto, Portugisisk Gitar

Ricardo Cruz, Bass (Producer)

António Neto,  Klassisk Gitar

José Conde, Treblåsar instrument

Jon Luz, Cavaquinho

Diana Valente Perfeito, Turneleiar



Dr. António Almeida Pires, Føredragshaldar

Dr. Jorge Botelho, Føredragshaldar

José Geraldo Barradas, Føredragshaldar



Kåre Skare Lystad, Lyd & Lys

Fantastiske Osberget, Grafisk Design

Jan Henrik Djupvik, Fotograf

Annika Brandal, Billettering

Ann Helen Dybvik, Booking

Bendik Wærdahl, Sjåfør

Vegard Natvik, Vaktleiar

Bjarne Wærdahl, Festivalleiar/Vert.



Teodor Vin AS, Vinekspartar

Fred Macado, Vin & Mat Kaffikari


Spesielt inviterte gjestar:

Jorge Botelho, Presidente Municipalidade de Tavira

Eduardo Tavares, Presidente A Sociedade das Segundas-feiras

José Graca, Politisk leiar Municipalidade de Tavira


Velkomen attende!

Velkomen attende Antonio Zambujo!
<p>Velkomen attende Antonio Zambujo!</p>

Det er med stor glede og entusiasme vi ynskjer Antonio Zambujo og musikarane hans velkomne attende for tredje gong. Zambujo er ein av Portugals største nålevande songarar  og har skaffa seg ein stor tilhengarskare i Noreg.

Her er noko av det som vart skrive etter hans siste konsert i Skandinavia i oktober 2010.

"Portugal's greatest contemporary male fado singer"



"He took our hearts and wrapped them in the most exquisite 'saudade'."



"A breathtaking concert - bitterness and sweetness swirling around the same cup."



"Zambujo's voice is … an instrument of profound artistry.  His nuances of expression were both subtle and powerful.  Every note, each slight pause, precisely placed to bypass our heads and speak directly to our hearts.   Here was a master at work."



"Exquisite, intricate, humorous, surprising"



"We sighed as one, marvelling at the invention, revelling in the musicianship, tears welling up at the profundity of expression."



"A magic moment as this minimal yet atmospheric song was delivered at hardly more than a whisper that made the spellbound audience hold their breaths until the last note died away."



"Antonio Zambujo is a sorcerer of love and loss. His alchemy lies in how he takes our own hearts and makes them sing in turn."


Isabel Roseta


Ein av dei mest fasinerande stemmene i den nye generasjonen av Fadistaer. Isabel starta med å synge poplåtar i band, men det var gjennom fadoen at denne unge stemma kom til sin rett. Roseta er ein av hovudattraksjonane under 2011 Festivalen.

Sjå festivalprogrammet:


Isabel Roseta is one of the most fascinating voices of the new generation of Fado singers. She started out singing in bands, from pop to covers, but it was in Fado that she found her true passion and vocation.

Her undoubted talent led her to a prominent invitation in the prestigious film “Fados” by Carlos Saura where her voice was highlighted to majestic effect. After the film, she received numerous invitations to participate in national and international shows.

In the meantime, Gustavo Santolla, considered to be one of the biggest producers in the world, heard her sing in a Lisbon Fado house and fell in love with the grandeur of her voice and artistic ability. From this magical meeting came about an invitation to record an album that is currently in the pipeline and which promises to shake up the market of Fado and World Music. The album is due out at the end of October and is eagerly awaited by both the national and international music press.

Her marvellous tone, strong emotion and sublime interpretation enables Isabel Roseta to connect with all audiences in a rare and magical way.

This is the reason for her presence. To demonstrate the full range of her talent and art and in the process create emotions through her music, poetry and voice.

Sju musikar toppar i 2011 utgåva av festivalen.


Ein av portugals leiande produsentar, ein musikar frå symfoniorkesteret i Brussel, ditto i Zurich. Det er noko av det vi kan by av profesjonalitet i februar 2011. Slikt vert det fest av.

António Zambujo - voice and guitar
Isabel Roseta - voice

Bernardo - Portuguese guitar
José conde - clarinet
Jon Luz - cavaquinho
Ricardo Cruz- bass

Pedro Pinhal

Raquel Tavares our 2014 Fado Star


Raquel debuts in April 1991 in Lisbon, the place where she lived ever since.

At age of 12, begins to participate in Fado contests nationwide, winning first 12 places. Raquel Tavares wins “A Grande Noite do Fado” award in Lisbon Coliseum in 1997.

At the age of 17, Raquel started singing professionally by the hand of Fernando Maurício in the restaurant Os Ferreiras, followed by Café Luso, Forcado, O Faia, Adega Machado, Adega Mesquita, Sr. Vinho, and finally at Bacalhau de Molho, the venue where she still sings. Raquel’s unique style was influenced by Fernando Maurício, Herminia Silva, Lucilia do Carmo, José Maria da Guia, Berta and Beatriz da Conceição.

Her first album "Raquel Tavares" comes alive in 2006, a project recorded and produced by Jorge Fernando, joining Custódio Castelo on portuguese guitar, Jorge Fernando and Diogo Clemente on viola and Philip Larsen on bass.
In the same year, wins the Amália Rodrigues Revelation Award and the Revelation Award by Casa da Imprensa.

In 2008, the second record is released. "Bairro" was recorded and produced by Diogo Clemente along the collaboration of Bernardo Couto, Angelo Freire and William Banza on the Portuguese guitar, Diogo Clemente on viola and Yami on bass guitar.

Since 2010 the singer casts in the play "Sombras/Shadows", directed by Ricardo Pais. Premiered in Portugal, the performance has toured in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Moscow.

Raquel has performed worldwide in countries such as Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Morocco, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Scotland, England, Ireland, Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, China and most recently, Australia.

In November 2012 and in a full European Capital of Culture shared the stage with Ivan Lins, in a fabulous tribute concert to one of the most important artists of our time.
In January 2013, in Rio de Janeiro, Raquel was back again to share the stage with Ivan Lins, in a totally sold-out show.

In April’13, at Espaço Brasil in Lisbon, being part of “The Year of Brazil in Portugal” program, "Nem todo o Fado é triste, nem todo o Samba é alegre ", a mix of Samba and Fado roots performance.

Also in 2013, Raquel Tavares was invited by the Portuguese President to take part of the official committee visit to Bogota. After the inauguration of the Book Fair of Bogota, Raquel kicked-off the Portuguese presence in this event, singing for the crowds.
In 2013, Portugal was the country guest of honor by Filbo. There, Raquel sung at the Cultural Center Gabriel García Márquez, in Bogotá.

In 2014, Raquel comes back a whole new show! Get Ready!

Press Quotes

"Sit in voice, attitude, expression, and above all, to have the heart to take fado has her first love.
"All this cannot be by chance, or by the fact of talking about an artist with enormous talent to represent."
HM Music, Gonçalo Frota

"This record documents a series of key moments in the musical career of Raquel Tavares. Only she has the key to open each of the secrets that ends in it, but the secret that has ceased to be is that Raquel Tavares, Award winning Amália Rodrigues award in 2006, she is no longer just a promising voice. With “Bairro”, Raquel starts to fulfil our hopes and desires”
HM Music, Gonçalo Frota

"After the success of the Belgium tour where Tavares performed in 10 different venues, some of them sold out and where the audience showed their appreciation with several standing ovations and encore requests, Raquel also performed last month in one of the most important venues in Madrid – The Galileo Galilei theatre, where she was also interviewed by El Pais newspaper and the National Radio of Spain.”
Antena 1 (Radio Station)

"There is within this artist a “magnet” that stimulates the creation of all those around her, way from records to the live performances, which were created by itself in inspiration from the one that stars as main character and also its “Muse”.
It had to be so. There’s no other way but to tell the story of Raquel Tavares.”
HM Music, Gonçalo


Fadofestivalen 2014

Raquel Tavares vil stå på programmet i 2014.
Raquel Tavares vil stå på programmet i 2014.

I 2014 er Ulsteinvik og Valldal festivalstadar etter solid sponsoroppsluttning.

Fredag 21. mars:

Den Gamle Nabo, Ulsteinvik

Latinermat med Carlos & Cristina startar i frå klokka 18.00 kr.490 inkl. konsert.

Konsert i 2. etasje kl. 21.00 kr. 300.

Billettar: På arrangementsstaden i frå 1. mars.


Laurdag 22. mars:

Quality Hotel Ulstein, Ulsteinvik

Portugisisk festaften med Carlos & Cristina i frå klokka 19.00 kr.490 inkl. fado.

Billettar: På arrangementsstaden i frå 1. mars.

Obs! Stor etterspurnad.



Sundag den 23. mars:

Sylte Kyrkje, Valldal

Kjyrkjekonsert klokka 19.00, kr.300

Billettar kan kjøpast hjå Spar Valldal i frå 1. mars. Overskytande vert seldt ved døra.

Samarbeidspartnar: Valldal Hornmusikklag.





Raquel Tavares, Vocals
Pedro de Castro: Guitarra Portuguesa
André Ramos: Viola

Luis Batista: sound technician

Diana Valente Perfeito


Her kan du laste ned og skrive ut programmet:


Velkomen til Fadofestivalen 2011


Noreg har mykje til felles med Portugal. Sjøfartsnasjonar og "kulturelle småbrør" av våre respektive naboar, i utkanten av det europeiske kontinent.  Gjennom klippfiskeksporten har Noreg vore ein stor bidragsytar til det portugisiske kjøken i mange hundre år. Norsk bacalao er Portugal sin nasjonalrett.

Etter to vellukka arrangement med "Portugisiske dagar" i Ulsteinvik, i tidlegare år, vart det kjempesuksess med "Fadofestivalen 2009 og 2010". Over eit tusen var innom.

Vi vil også i februar by publikum på mat, vin, musikk,  musikkworkshop og Portugisiske tema i foredrags form. Leiande musikarar og songarar frå Portugal. Fado (skjebne), eit sang fenomen, som har vunne stadig nye tilhengarar verda over. Det vert fleire høve til å bli kjent med musikken på ulike arenaer i komande festivaldagar.

Solfyllte Portugal skal gjennom "Fadofestivalen" spreie litt varme i norsk vintermørke.

Program 2011


Torsdag 10. februar

Kl.2000      FADO INTIMKONSERT med bacalaobord kr.595

António Zambujo, Ricardo Cruz, Bernardo Couto.

Kaffikari www.kaffikari.no, kari@kaffikari.no , tlf. 70 01 01 80


Fredag 11. februar

Kl.2000      FADO & BACALAOAFTEN med 8 sortar bacalao. Kr.495

Isabel Roseta, Pedro Pinhal, Ricardo Cruz, Bernardo Couto.

Oljepiren Bar & Restaurant Quality Hotel Ulsteinvik

Bestilling: 70  01 30 00 – q.ulstein@choice.no


Kl.2000      ANTÓNIO ZAMBUJO Bacalaobord kr.495 Lukka Arrangement

António Zambujo med sin gitar og fantastiske stemme.

Kaffikari www.kaffikari.no, kari@kaffikari.no , tlf. 70 01 01 80


Laurdag 12. februar

Kl.1400      FILM FØRPREMIERE: FADO Vadio  kr.50

Ein filmdokumentar  av Ad Stoop og Johannes Slottelid

Kl.1445      DESTINASJON ALGARVE og TAVIRA Fri entrè.

Turismo do Algarve, Vise President António Almeida Pires,  presenterar Algarve.

Tavira Kommune, President Dr. Jorge Botelho, presenterar Tavira- Algarves perle.

Sjøborg Kino     Sjå omtale under føredrag.



Kl.1600      PORTUGISISK VINBAR med mange vinar på glas

Måken Bar, Quality Hotel Ulstein



Kl.1700      PORTUGISISK FESTKVELD (1. bordsete) kr.465

Oljepiren Bar & Restaurant Quality Hotel Ulsteinvik

Bestilling: 70 01 30 00 –  q.ulstein@choice.no


Kl.1900 FADO FESTKONSERT kr.300/kr.100

António Zambujo, Ricardo Cruz, Bernardo Couto, Isabel Roseta, Pedro Pinhal, Jon Luz, Josè Conde.

Sjøborg Kulturhus

Billettbestilling: www.sjoborg.no (eventuelle restbillettar ved døra)


Kl.2030      PORTUGISISK FESTKVELD (2. bordsete) kr.465

Oljepiren Bar & Restaurant Quality Hotel Ulstein


Søndag 13. Februar

Fadofestivalen besøkjer Norddal Kommune:

Kl.1900      KYRKJEKONSERT i Sylte Kyrkje, Valldal kr.200

António Zambujo, Ricardo Cruz, Bernardo Couto, Josè Conde.

Arrangementet er ein del av HL Muri sitt 130års jubileum.

Billettsal: HL Muri. Overskytande billettar ved døra.


Fadofestivalen 2009 baud inn til 
Portugisisk gitar-workshop

Alle var med på &quot;workshopen&quot;. Tilreisande musikarar, songarar, Portugals Ambassadør og leiar Øyvind Sønnesyn.
Foto: Gunnar Wiik
Paulo Parreira kan bl.a. høyrast på&nbsp;http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ei8BqnSPZa4&nbsp;http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PosxCfbrzYU&amp;feature=relatedhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pGMQtZHoltI&amp;feature=related
Alle var med på &quot;workshopen&quot;. Tilreisande musikarar, songarar, Portugals Ambassadør og leiar Øyvind Sønnesyn. Foto: Gunnar Wiik Paulo Parreira kan <a href="http://bl.a" target="_blank">bl.a</a>. høyrast på&nbsp;<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ei8BqnSPZa4&nbsp" target="_blank">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ei8BqnSPZa4&nbsp</a>;<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PosxCfbrzYU&amp" target="_blank">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PosxCfbrzYU&amp</a>;feature=<a href="http://relatedhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pGMQtZHoltI&amp" target="_blank">relatedhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pGMQtZHoltI&amp</a>;feature=related

Quality Ulstein Hotel laurdag 13. februar 2009 kl.12.00-14.00 
Fri adgang

Påmelding til post@fado.no

Ansvarleg: Øyvin Sønnesyn