Ricardo Ribeiro


Early Years 

Ricardo Paulo Alexandre Ribeiro was born in Lisbon on August 19, 1981. 

His primary education was held in different schools in Lisbon and Torres Novas. Ricardo Ribeiro attended classical guitar and music lessons with José Carvalhinho, Manuel Soutulho and Lisete Teixeira. Ricardo met Fado since a very early age, listening to the big names of that time, that later became his own references: Fernando Mauricio, Amália Rodrigues, Alfredo Marceneiro, Manuel Fernandes, Adelino dos Santos (guitar) e José Inácio (Spanish guitar). Ricardo took part in several fado meetings held by different venues such as: Académica da Ajuda, Vendedores de Jornais FC, Os Ferreiras, Marquês da Sé, Nónó and Faia. 

2001 - 2004: The beginning of his career: Records Ricardo Ribeiro and tribute album to Amália Rodrigues 

From 2001 onwards, Ricardo Ribeiro is invited to take part in several worldwide music festivals, such as: Alu – Casa da Atriz María Casares, Badasom, Vocal Jazz Festival Crest, Cordoba’s Guitar Festival, Santo Tirso Guitar Festival. 

In 2004, his first record Ricardo Ribeiro is released by CNM – Coleção Antologia label that joined together the guitar players José Manuel Neto, Jorge Fernando and Marino de Freitas. Ricardo also took part in the Tribute to Amália Rodrigues record (2004) held by World Connection label, singing the song Quando se gosta de Alguém

2005 - 2008: Cabelo Branco é Saudade, movie feature and new record 

In 2005 the theatre director Ricardo Pais invites Ricardo Ribeiro to cast the production Cabelo Branco é Saudade along with Celeste Rodrigues, Argentina Santos and Alcindo de Carvalho. It premiered at Teatro Nacional de São João in Porto and hit european venues like: Cité de la Musique in Paris, Teatro de La Abadia in Madrid, Alte Oper in Frankfurt, Teatro Mecadante in Napoli, Casa da Música in Porto and São Luiz Teatro Municipal in Lisbon. It was also released in CD and DVD. 

Still in 2005 Ricardo Ribeiro is awarded with the Male Revelation Prize by Amália Rodrigues Foundation and Revelation Award by Casa da Imprensa. 

In 2007, Ricardo casts in the movie FADOS by Carlos Saura and takes also a role-play in the feature RIO TURVO by Edgar Pêra. 

2008 comes with the invitation by Lebanese Lute player/composer Rabih Abou-Khalil to sing Em Português, in the album released by Enja Records that joined poems by Silva Tavares, Mário Rainho, Tiago Torres da Silva, José Luis Gordo and António Rocha. This record headed one of the Best Top of the World albums by Songlines magazine. 

Ricardo’s interpretation got the best reviews by the critics that mentioned him as The Rising Star of Lisbon Fado. 

Ribeiro is also invited by the songwriter João Gil to sing in his João Gil record the song Hoy El Mar Es Mas Azul Que El Cielo. 

By December 2008, Ricardo takes also part in the live act Amália at Olympia – 20 years later that took place at Campo Pequeno arena, along with Celeste Rodrigues, Camané, Mariza, Carminho and Ana Moura. 

2009 - 2012: The big live performances, movie features and the record Porta do Coração 

In 2009 Ricardo sings Fado do Alentejo in Rão Kyao’s record Em’Cantado and also casted the live tributes to big fado players/singers Fernando Maurício, Fernanda Maria, Argentina Santos, Rodrigo and Anita Gluerreiro. Also in 2009, Ricardo Ribeiro sings with Rui Veloso, Paulo Gonzo, Mariza, Carminho and Shout at the Christmas Concert 2009 at Campo Pequeno Arena. In 2010, Ribeiro casts in the feature by João Botelho Filme do Desassossego and in 2011 on Diogo Varela Silva´s documentary O Rei Sem Coroa (The King with no Crown), about Fernando Maurício´s life and work. 

Porta do Coração is the next big thing, the new record featuring Pedro de Castro (Portuguese guitar), Jaime Santos (spanhis guitar) and Professor Joel Pina (bass-guitar). Porta do Coração was released by Emi Music Portugal and premiered at CCB (Centro Cultural de Belém) in Lisbon. It also hit the top charts with Golden Record, selling more than 10.000 copies in Portugal. 

In 2011, Ricardo Ribeiro is once again awarded with Best Male singer by Amália Rodrigues Foundation and performs two sold out shows at São Luiz Teatro Municipal in Lisbon, dedicated to Lisbon and Fado. 

Still in this year, he is solo interpreter invited by the Macau’s Chinese Orchestra to perform at the Luso-Chinese music cycle at the Macau Cultural Center, directed by Maestro Pang Ka Pang. 

With Rabih Abou-Khalil and Luciano Biondini presents Em Português in the Dias da Música (Days of Music) 2011 at CCB, broadcasted live by Antena 2 (Portuguese Radio Station). Also casts in the Festival International de Musique Andalouse et Musique Ancienne, within the Capitale Islamique de la Culture 2011 in Tlemecen-Alger. 

In 2012 collaborates with the singer Maria Jonas, the violist player Susanne Ansorg and the Lute player Fábio Accurso in the Ancient Music concert Lágrimas de Saudade in Bielefeld – Germany, broadcasted live by WDR3. Still in this year, takes part in the Festival de Fado de Madrid second edition at Teatros Del Canal/Sala Roja, with Pedro de Castro, Jaime Santos, Professor Joel Pina and the collaboration of Pedro Jóia. By the end of the year, Ribeiro is invited by Rui Veloso to sing Nunca me Esqueci de Ti, in his latest record Rui Veloso e Amigos

2013: New record Largo da Memória 

In 2013, Ricardo is invited by the great artist Simone de Oliveira to sing Una Rosa Y Un Bolero in the record Pedaços de Mim and also invited by Carlos do Carmo to sing Pontas Soltas in the album Fado é Amor

Ricardo sings at the Venice Biennale 2013 in the Portugal Pavillion conceived by the visual artist Joana Vasconcelos opening, along with Pedro Jóia e o Quarteto Arabesco. 

Also with Pedro Jóia, performs during the Day of Portugal and the Portuguese Communities in Caracas, playing 

Later that year and within the World Music Festival – Festim, Ricardo plays Em Português along with Rabih Abou-Khalil and Luciano Biondini in Águeda and Estarreja. 

Ribeiro records works by Rabih Abou-Khalil Em Português with the Frankfurt Radio Bigband, with arrangements and direction by the esteemed Pianist/Orchestrator Jim Macnelly. 

Ricardo Ribeiro takes part of the 37 edition of the Festival d’Ile de France in Paris which drove three days entirely dedicated to Fado. 

In October 2013 the big news hit radios, audiences and all media, the new work Largo da Memória is released by Parlophone/Warner. The album was recorded with some of the most incredible artists like Professor Joel Pina, Pedro Caldeira Cabral, Pedro Jóia, Rabih Abou-Khalil, Ricardo Rocha, Pedro de Castro, Jaime Santos and Francisco Gaspar. 

Largo da Memória hits the stores and gets the best reviews by critics and audiences. Largo da Memória hits the national selling charts achieving third place and its way is unstoppable! 

Driven by this success, Ricardo Ribeiro sings at the VIII edition Gala Amália at São Luiz Teatro Municipal before a stunning audience, closes the V Gala de Fado edition, promoted by Radio Sim and finally sings during the second Fado World Human Heritage Anniversary, at Recreios Coliseum in Lisbon. 

Now Ricardo Ribeiro is ready to hit the road and take Fado and Largo da Memória to tour in Portugal and worldwide! 

2014: The tour Largo da Memória and international recognition 

2014 was a year full of concerts which lead Ricardo Ribeiro to national and international stages. The fadista started the year at Elebash Center (New York, USA) with Pedro Jóia. The venue sold out. 

Ricardo Ribeiro has been to Canada, Germany, France, Spain and Algeria with his “Largo da Memória”. Portugal from north to south as well and to highlight some, Ricardo has sold out the two most important venues in the country: Centro Cultural de Belém (Lisboa) and Casa da Música (Porto). 

Ricardo has done the first act of Mariza’s concert in Cool Jazz Fest at Lisboa and also sang with the female fadista. In September, he has been one of the headliners of Caixa Alfama, fado festival in Lisboa, giving a concert of extremely beauty and huge talent testimony. 

Ribeiro has been very praised for his talent at national and international media. His concert at Bons Sons Festival (Tomar) was considered by the Portuguese newspaper Público the best concert of the Festival. It can also be read about the fadista in Jornal de Notícias: “One of the most powerful voices of the moment”; in Diário Digital: “The voice that shut the world”; in Jornal de Letras: “The biggest of his generation” or “Ricardo Ribeiro the Great” and in Expresso: “The voice that does not forget, once heard, always remembered”. 

Songlines, the prestigious world music magazine gave 4 in 5 stars to Largo da Memória and wrote: “With 'Largo da Memória' Ricardo Ribeiro confirms himself as one of the most distinctive artists in the new wave of Fadistas”. 

2015: A promising and even brighter future 

Ricardo Ribeiro received past Tuesday – 27th of January - from Portuguese President Aníbal Cavaco Silva the Henry the Navigator award. Alongside Ricardo, also Ana Moura, Carminho and Kátia Guerreiro and the guitar player Mário Pacheco were awarded at the same ceremony that take place at Museu do Fado, in Lisbon. At the ceremony were present António Costa – the city Mayor - and Sara Pereira the Fado Museum director. Abroad, Ricardo continues to square and he´s nominated for Best Artist of the Songlines Music Awards 2015 ( http://www.songlines.co.uk/music-awards/ ), in a full choice of the magazine readers. Meanwhile, the fadista continues to present live his latest album “Largo da Memória” and touring with Rabih Abou-Khalil and their project “Em Português”. 


Ricardo Ribeiro + Mariza & Pedro Jóia – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FlREVDIQavU – “Quando me Sinto Só” e “De mim para Ninguém” 

Ricardo Ribeiro & Pedro Jóia - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3pB1aREuJ6I – Entrega 

Ricardo Ribeiro https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uHT7O0rL_Fo - Rabih Abou-Khalil 







 Carolina is one of the new voices of Fado in Portugal and Sony Music’s bet. Traditional in style, and boasting a voice with an unmistakable timbre and strong presence, Carolina possesses the highest degree course from the singing conservatory as well as a wide experience on the stage, fruit of having taken part in a number of musicals to which she gave her voice! 

Carolina’s great passion, however, has always been (and always will be) Fado. So at the beginning of 2014 Carolina released her first album. She has brought together some of the finest Portuguese musicians and poets, as well as producer Ricardo Cruz, who is responsible for successful artists such as António Zambujo. 

The repertoire takes in a mix of traditional Fado songs and some new angles that often transport us to the world of the Tango or Morna or conversely spectacular adaptations of themes of great musicians as in the case of “MoonSong” (Johnny Mandel), clearly showing the influence of world music. The quality of the record is undeniable and expectations on being able to hear it couldn’t be greater.









Filipa Cardoso


 Filipa Cardoso has born on 18th of April of 1979 in Lisboa. Raul Silva (famous viola player) invited Filipa to sing for the first time in 1995, in the “Taverna do Embuçado” Fado club, after this first time, the young fadista starts belonging to the local cast. 

The owner of Fado club “Taverna D´El Rey” invites her in this same year to perform here, and only with 16 years old, Filipa casts in these two important club´s. 

Singing sad Fado song´s and having a happy youth it´s not very easy, so Filipa stopped for nine years. In 2004 she celebrates 25 years, and return´s to Fado, in a more mature spirit, in the meantime Filipa became a mother. 

With this decision, Filipa wins the “Grande Noite de Fado” – Grand Evening of Fado – that take place at São Luiz Theater at Lisbon. After that, Filipa starts to be a constant presence at Fado Club´s like “Faia”, “ Marquês da Sé”, “Café Luso”, “Clube de Fado” and “Sr. Vinho”.

After the Fado club´s comes along the Revista Theater – a portuguese satirical and popular kind of theater – Filipa stays three years in a row on stage both in Lisbon – Maria Vitória theater – and Sá da Bandeira, a well known O´Porto venue. 

In 2009 Filipa releases her first cd “Cumprir Seu Fado” produced by Jorge Fernando. With this debut album, Filipa toured all around the globe; Spain, Belgium, France, German, Switzerland, Holland, Montenegro United States, where she sang at the “Carnegie Hall”. 

She takes “Cumprir Seu Fado” to twelve days of concerts at Austria and was cast to feature on "Weltenklang20, The First Years..." cd. At Austria, Filipa was celebrated by the critic and audience. After this, Filipa sings at Toronto, in Canada. 

In 2014 the young fadista is choose to enter in the play “Tropa Fadanga” from Teatro Praga Company. 

Nowadays, Filipa is working on her next album. 

Bak Fadofestivalen 2015

Det er mange som skal trå til for å få i stand eit verdig femårs-jubileum.


Ricardo Ribeiro – voice

Carolina – voice

Filipa Cardoso – voice

Rodolfo Godinho – portuguese guitar

Paulo Ramos – fado guitar

Daniel Pinto – bass


Rui Guerreiro - Sound technician

Diana Valente Perfeito, road manager

Mariana Bessa - administrative manager



NN, Lyd & Lys

Fantastiske Osberget, Grafisk Design

Annika Brandal, Billettering

Bjarne Wærdahl, Festivalleiar/Vert.



Teodor Vin AS, Vinekspartar

Fred Macado, Vin & Mat Kaffikari


Spesielt inviterte gjestar:

Portugals President

Portugals Ambassadør til Noreg


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